The Ways of St. James in Poland

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Welcome to the website of Olesnica Mala


Thanks to our website you will get to know about Olesnica Mala – small village. Olesnica Mala is placed in the East of Lower Silesia voivodship (Polish administrative district of Olawa), 41 kilometers from the capital of Lower Silesia province – Wroclaw, 14 kilometers from Olawa and about 50 kilometers from Opole. The geographical co-ordinates of our place are: about 50º 51’N and about 17º17’E. The area which belongs to Olesnica Mala has 944,89 ha. To the North of Olesnica Mala is situated Niemil, Chwalibozyce, Jankowice Male, South – Czestocice, East – Owczary and West – Kalinowa and Witowice.

The main attraction of Olesnica Mala is well-kept park-palacing complex. It is just here between 1226 and 1312 year was established the first property of Templars’ Order on Polish lands called “komandoria”. From 1815 to 1945 the complex was the property of the Yorck von Wartenburg family. The Yorcks' family got deserts during the Napoleon wars. During II world war Peter Yorck was a co-founder of Kraisau Circle. In a beautiful park which surrounds the palace there is a mausoleum of this family – it is named the Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe’s Chapel.

Actually in the palace there is Experimental Institute of Breeding and Acclimatization of Plants. Beside that in the palace there are some flats. In the south wing of the palace there is Saint Lawrence’s Church.

Olesnica Mala is situated within Routes of St. James - VIA REGIA - which leads to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, the place of everlasting quietude of James the Greater - one of the twelve apostoles, the lerner of Jesus Christ.

 I encourage you to spend some pleasant time visiting my website.
 Adam Krasicki


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